Notre Dame takes a great pride in its staff. Our staff is composed of trustworthy and warm people that specialize in their field of teaching.

All staff members have earned:

  • Minimum if 12 Early Childhood Education units CPR and First Aid training.

The Hernandez Family

Our belief is that we are more of a family than anything else.

Edna Hernandez : Founder/Executive Director

Edna Hernandez

Founder/Executive Director

Notre Dame Infant Center and Preschool prides itself in being family owned and operated. I, Edna Hernandez began from the bottom and worked my way up gradually. In 1996, I chose to return to school and change careers. I wanted to fulfill my dream of working with young children. Working during the day and going to school at night paid off. I opened a daycare in my home with only four children. Through the years that number grew. With the support of my family, meticulous saving and five years of experience I knew it was time to expand. In 2002, the former Lisa's Family Daycare opened its new doors renamed as Notre Dame Infant Center and Preschool.

We reside here today, continuing to offer the same loving care and fun academics in a family style environment. Our center specializes in infants with my second daughter Michelle heading this program. My eldest daughter, Tracy has taught two year old and now three year olds but is preparing to become assistant director. My youngest, Lisa, though still too young to work, often stops by and reads or teaches music to the children. My husband, Mario is the school's chef and quite popular among students. Myself, I am the director.

I have a Bachelor degree in Child Development and passionate being around children. I am definitely proud to say that our school provides the two major aspects that parents are looking for in a center, family oriented and prosperous learning environment.

Ms. Yessenia : Infant One Teacher

Ms. Yessenia

Infant One Teacher

Infant one is most ideal for infants ages 6 weeks through 12 months. Ms. Yessenia helps provide the stimulating, yet warm and relaxing environment that infants need to grow mentally, physically and emotionally. It is a common misconception that all infants need are feeding, diapering and naps. Our philosophy is that learning starts from an early age and that is why most of our infants meet development milestones ahead of time.

Ms. Bernice : Infant Two Teachers

Ms. Bernice

Infant Two Teachers

The Infant Two class room provides an atmosphere that fosters the children's early development with a fun and active curriculum that allows them to reach one milestone after another. The class room utilizes "centers" to offer the children a variety of learning opportunitites at any given time, as well as to encourage them to engage in hands-on and open-ended exploration. The class room also promotes independence and boosts the children's self esteem through developmentally appropriate activities that allow them to be successful. The activities that the children experience enhance all aspects of their development: physical, social/emotional, cognitive, creative and language.

Ms. Kitty : Toddler and Twos Teacher

Ms. Kitty

Toddler and Twos Teacher

In the toddler and twos class room the children are assisted in the learning process of learning self- help skills as well peer-interaction skills. The energetic terrific twos discover language skills through various daily activities. These activities are planned out to help children learn sounds, letters, numbers, colors, animals, music, movement, science and fine motor skills. Children are also encouraged to explore their surroundings which offers an endless amount of new knowledge for young two year olds.

Ms. Leslie : Preschool Teacher

Ms. Leslie

Preschool Teacher

"My belief is to give every child a unique learning experience in a safe and warm environment" Ms.Leslie. Preschool Objects: 1. Grow socially and emotionally with appropriate expression of emotion which includes learning to manage stress and frustration. 2. Beginning Math Skills, Language Skills & Early Literacy Awareness 3. Music & Movement, Dramatic Play & Group Discussions that encourage children to "think" outside the box and feel free to be creative!

Ms. Genia : Pre- Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Genia

Pre- Kindergarten Teacher

In pre-kindergarten we prepare to learn the skills and abilities needed for Elementary School and life. We use journal activities to practice writing skills, letters and words. Early reading skills are practiced by connecting sounds and letters through practice and word collages. Everyday is an adventure with new opportunities to explore math concepts, art, sight words, social skills, and independent play.

Ms. Shamae : Transitional Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Shamae

Transitional Kindergarten Teacher

This classroom is designed for children that may not meet the Kindergarten deadline but are ready to move out from Pre-K. Also, this may offer a little bit more time to work on kindergarten readiness for those that need it either academically or socially. This offers a kindergarten curriculum for students ready to be challenged. At the end of this course, your children will be more than ready for the challenges of a big elementary school.

Other Staff:


Miss Lisa:  Toddler Teacher

Miss Alicia:  Infant/Toddler Teacher and Substitute

Miss Sherry:  Infant/Toddler Teacher and Substitute


Miss Tracy: School Age program driver

Mr. Mario: School Age program driver

Office Staff

Miss Angelica: Director

Miss Tracy: Administrator

Kitchen Staff

Mr. Mario

Ms. Janette