Non-Profit ID 81-1790505

Notre Dame Family Services is a non-profit organization founded by Executive Director, Edna Hernandez; owner of Notre Dame Infant and Preschool Center located in Santa Clarita.

Notre Dame Family Services continues the same legacy of the parent organization Notre Dame Infant and Preschool program with Edna Hernandez and family. We will continue the same philosophy that children learn through play, social emotional skill building and education, and we are hands you can trust. We have seen measurable success in our programs, and we are now seeking to expand to other locations and offer additional programs.

We offer strong commitment to the arts, stem, science, languages and culture that reflects the value we place on enriching the quality of life. We believe this commitment is essential to a thriving and vibrant community and its individuals. Access, participation in and creation of STEM and culture are powerful components of our community.

After School Lessons

Classes for (5 – 12 years old)

Lessons on:

  • STEM (mapping volcano, pi-in the sky, sea activities, street math, planets)
  • Science activities (water, volcano, plants, animal life, science homework)
  • Computer activities
  • Finance for kids
  • Writing and reading stories
  • Mathematic (money and consumer math, homework assistance)
  • Teaching manners (respecting others, friends, learning emotions)
  • Occupations (firemen, policemen, postal, doctor, engineer, educator)
  • Growing plants