Notre Dame Infant Center and Preschool is a family owned and operated early learning center, for infants 6 weeks to children 6 years of age, in the heart of Santa Clarita. Notre Dame Infant Center and Preschool has been specializing in Infant care for 10+ years.

Our goal is to provide the warm nurturing care that is essential to early childhood development.

Strong attachments and relationships are formed with caregivers, which according to John Bowlby the theorist, is vital for a well balanced child. Along with the positive guidance of our educators children are able to build self-esteem, social skills and key communication skills.

Our school provides the perfect environment and tools essential for positive creativity, group lessons and individual needs are met. Notre Dame also provides the fundamental tools needed to build a strong educational base. Once that base is created children will learn and grow in so many aspects of life.

Sometimes the best reference comes from the parents themselves. Our families have written their personal stories to share with new families. You can find additional reviews from our happy families on and